Underdogs Church Campaign

Free resources for a church wide campaign

Underdogs Church Campaign

Free resources for a church wide campaign






In an effort to maximize the impact of the message of the book, I have worked out a huge opportunity for churches to use the God of the underdogs as a church wide outreach series. For years my heart has been to see underdog churches reach their full potential and I believe that this series is the tool that God wants to use to do just that. Thanks to my publisher, Thomas Nelson, churches can use the God of the Underdogs as an outreach series absolutely free!”

In different ways and at different times each one of us feel like the deck is stacked against us, like the odds are NOT in our favor! And yet, at our core, and at the core of the nature of God is a belief that somehow, someway, we, the underdogs, can win. Which is why the Underdogs is the perfect Outreach series for your church to use this fall.

I wrote The God of the Underdogs as a tool to inspire readers to push past their excuses, live their destiny and change their world. The book keys in on nine Bible “heroes” who overcame their underdog excuses and were used by God in a great way.

Here’s How It Works!

Once you’ve registered your church for the series, get together with your team and figure out when you would like to launch your series. Then work on your strategy to capture the imagination and hearts of your church and community.
The weekend before the series launches, you’ll be able to preach a message on what it means to reach out to our friends, coworkers, etc and then at the end promote the Big Series launching the following week. We will give you options for ordering books and ideas on ways that you can use the book for your church and all of this is absolutely free!

We will Give you everything to make your Series a success for FREE!

Stacked Books

  • Logos, Layered Graphics, Intro & Marketing Videos, and Message Notes
  • TONS of Marketing & Outreach Materials/Ideas
  • Message Videos from Pastor Matt (that you use in your church)
  • Small Group, Kids & Youth Curriculum

Are you ready to join in on the Movement?

If so, please take a minute and click below to register your church.  You will receive INSTANT ACCESS to all series resources. Again: totally free.


We are excited to have you on board for this series! There is such a great expectation of the lives that will be changed and inspired through this series! By the way, if you know others pastors or leaders in your sphere of influence who might want to do the series as well, feel free to pass this information along.